Quiet forests. Sacred waterfalls. Moss covered shrines. Otaki Village is located at the base of Mt. Ontake in Nagano prefecture, central Japan. The village has been an access point for pilgrimage on this sacred mountain since ancient times.

Even for rural Japan, Otaki is far off the beaten track. It feels a planet away from the lights and bustle of cities like Tokyo and Osaka and the tourist crowds of Kyoto and Nara. The village offers a side of Japan rarely experienced by visitors, where the deeply spiritual and a gorgeous natural environment combine.

It’s a place where visitors explore otherworldly landscapes imbued with Japanese tradition, enjoy a host of outdoor sports, and slow life way down. Those who make it this far come to rejuvenate, to commune with nature, to explore. They come for a once in a life-time adventure in a place like nowhere else on Earth.